The Book Of Life is, in all likelihood, the brightest movie about death you’ll see this year. The story is unusual, the animation interesting, and the music very effectual. Sadly this movie doesn’t appear to have a lot of hype behind it which is too bad because this is a really well done film. The flamboyant […]

Too few 21st century artists give the impression that nothing is sacred. Not so with Sleaford Mods, who are just as prolific as they are angry. Inspired by bad music, social injustice, and hypocrisy, Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn will likely never run out of fodder for new songs. Fortunately, Chubbed Up, which gathers songs […]

One of the great rock clichés is that the Beatles’ White Album is four solo albums in one double-LP. Leave it to Sloan, the great, progressive Canadian power pop band, to find a way to one-up the Beatles. Commonwealth, their 11th studio album (which perhaps coincidentally borrows a title from an old Beatles outtake), is […]

Over the years, the Twilight Sad have mastered many flavors of brooding and bittersweet, from their debut album Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters’ folky atmospheres to No One Can Ever Know’s hard-edged electronics. They’ve been around long enough to look back, and that’s what they do on Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants […]

Shellac tend to take their own sweet time making albums — not because they’re pretentious about their art, but because they’re busy with their day jobs — and as a consequence, when they do drop a new LP it seems like a real event among the sort of indie rock/math rock dudes who treasure the […]


The first British band to rival the garage rock revival sparked by the Strokes and White Stripes in the U.S., the Hives in Sweden, and the Datsuns in, er, New Zealand, the Libertines burst onto the scene with Up the Bracket, a debut album so confident and consistent that the easiest way to describe it […]

Starting with 2007’s brilliant The Moonstation House Band, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist David Vandervelde began a slow-burning career, offering the world a look at his bounding and hook-heavy music, melodic but swaggering indie rock styled heavily after the thick riffs of T. Rex and the wanton weirdness of Bowie. A follow-up album came the next year but then […]


Director:- Antonine Fuqua This exciting thriller, based on the television series, is action filled through out. This film sees our action hero Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) playing the part of a retired government operative coming out of retirement to the aid of a young prostitute Teri (Chloe Grace Mortez) who he knows from his local […]


Director :- David Dobkin. This compelling crime drama is a great film. Big city lawyer Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr.) has to return home and face his family and past. this journey back to the roots of his life is one of personal discovery for all his family. Hanks father is the long-standing town judge […]

Electronic artist Dan Snaith, working as Caribou, produced brilliantly abstract albums for more than a decade, moving from the glitchy weirdness of his 2001 debut, Start Breaking My Heart, into more delicate mergers of organic sounds and electronic production, with his 2007 standout album Andorra and its more psychedelic follow-up Swim in 2010. The move […]

Leaving behind Columbia Records along with his latter-day collaborator producer Rick Rubin, Neil Diamond sets up shop at Capitol — which now belongs to Universal Records, who owns his classic recordings for Uni and MCA — and teams with producer Don Was for 2014’s Melody Road. Diamond may have left his label of 40 years, […]

Twenty-six albums in, Loudon Wainwright’s signature is etched even more deeply into the American songsmith grain on Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet). Voiced in blues, roots, rock, country, folk, and even swing-jazz, his funny, biting, often tender observations of the four D’s — decay, death, depression, and drinking — are all present, as are his […]


In many ways, U2 took their fondness for sonic bombast as far as it could go on War, so it isn’t a complete surprise that they chose to explore the intricacies of the Edge’s layered, effects-laden guitar on the follow-up, The Unforgettable Fire. Working with producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, U2 created a dark, […]


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