I had heard so much about this show, so I checked it out and the result is a love-hate relationship. I’m not a fan of situation comedy, so that would be my main ailment. This is a situation comedy where nearly every line is a “one-liner” and it’s commonly followed by a laughter track. Thank goodness then […]

The third long-player from Kingston, Ontario’s Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson, For Those Who Stay is a shimmering, cacophonous, and often glorious mess of an album that subverts the traditional no frills/in your face rock approach of the guitar-and-drum duo with a heady shot of spectral, feedback-driven shoegaze and nervy post-hardcore, resulting in something akin […]

As of 2014, it was still unclear whether Texas rapper Riff Raff was a performance artist or a ketamine casualty freakshow supernova pimped by superstar DJ Diplo. One clear opinion was that he was talentless a-hole who fed on the lowest common denominator of indie hip-hop. For that button-up crowd, Neon Icon will hold no […]

The Clash sounded like they could do anything on London Calling. For its triple-album follow-up, Sandinista!, they tried to do everything, adding dub, rap, gospel, and even children’s choruses to the punk, reggae, R&B, and roots rock they already were playing. Instead of presenting a band with a far-reaching vision, like London Calling did, Sandinista! […]

Given the title of its sixth release, it’s fair to wonder if Mastodon is hinting at 2011′s The Hunter or its back catalog. Many of the tracks on Once More ‘Round the Sun dig into the band’s seemingly inexhaustible bag of monstrous riffs and wonderfully fractured motifs. That said, as a collective, they unapologetically explore […]

Much like one of Game of Thrones’ episodes, the soundtrack to the fourth season of HBO’s hit TV series based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books touches on a wide range of characters and settings. Once again, Ramin Djawadi establishes the majesty and misery of the Lannisters with cues […]

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People Just Do Nothing is a thoroughly enjoyable spoof documentary about a Brentford-based drum’n’bass pirate radio station, Kurupt FM, that’s run by a bunch of delusional numpties. While this sounds like it isn’t the most sparkling original of comedies, it is a lot funnier than much of what passes for comedy these days (hang your […]

On early releases such as Lemurian and “Joy Reel,” Matt Cutler dealt off-center hip-hop beats with vaguely nostalgic melodic and atmospheric touches. Through later tracks like “Pineapple Crush,” “Once in a While,” “Coreshine Voodoo,” and “Crystal Caverns 1991,” the producer developed a specialty for rush-inducing house tracks — cushiony but vigorous drums, circular sparkling melodies […]


Arriving on the heels of Autobiography, a 2013 memoir that reveled in the cadences of revelation without ever laying bare his soul, World Peace Is None of Your Business feels curiously bereft of Morrissey’s lyrical elegance. This, like so many of Moz’s moves, is certainly deliberate. There is a directness to the lyrics on World […]

In much the same way that the Soft Pink Truth was conceived on a dare, the concept for the project’s third album came about while Drew Daniel was working on Matmos’ The Marriage of True Minds. That album’s cover of the Buzzcocks’ “E.S.P.,” which featured doom metal vocals courtesy of Bloody Panda’s Gerry Mak, motivated […]

The recording sessions for the Byrds’ fifth album, The Notorious Byrd Brothers, were conducted in the midst of internal turmoil that found them reduced to a duo by the time the record was completed. That wasn’t evident from listening to the results, which showed the group continuing to expand the parameters of their eclecticism while […]

Vancouver B.C.-based punks White Lung reached a blistering peak on their 2012 sophomore album Sorry, an unrelenting assault of knotty guitar leads and powerful vocal performances from singer Mish Way, all rushing by in less than 20 minutes. It would be their last album before changing labels, and Deep Fantasy, their first for more prominent […]


Lucas Hood (Antony Starr), an ex-con and maestro criminal adopts the personal identity of a murdered sheriff and proceeds with his criminal activities. His past seems to haunt him by those he betrayed years earlier. This ex-con imposes his own brand of justice where violence intrudes at every turn in the not so quiet Amish […]


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