This split pairs two French bands who originally came from the extreme metal scene and have each evolved into distinct experimentalist entities that have no peers among their home country’s fertile underground scene. Except, perhaps, for one another. While Blut Aus Nord emerged from occult black metal to become something wholly other, the P.H.O.B.O.S. power […]


After the global success of “Somebody That I Used to Know,” her Grammy-winning duet with Gotye, Kimbra could have worked with anyone; on The Golden Echo, it feels like she worked with almost everyone. Along with producer Rich Costey, her collaborators include members of the Mars Volta, Muse, Foster the People, and Silverchair, as well […]

In a little over a decade, the Swedish d-beat, blackened crustcore band Martyrdöd has distinguished itself as a wolfpack apart. This is true even in its native country where d-beat (as in Discharge-influenced) has been the hostile guitar-and-drum expository genre of choice for years now. As evidenced by Paranoia, its Southern Lord debut in 2012, […]

Widely adored when it appeared in 1992, Arrested Development’s debut album, 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of… seemed to herald a shining new era in alternative rap, when audiences and critics of all colours could agree on the music’s importance. Of course, that didn’t happen, as Dr. Dre instead took […]

On composer Matthew Young’s debut album, one can hear the absorption and integration of electronic music’s historic and recent pasts, as well as influences from modern classical composition from the 1960s and ’70s. It stands outside the context of much of what was happening in the genre during 1981 — Brian Eno’s and David Byrne’s […]

Coming off his huge successes as a member of fun. and with his songwriting for Sara Bareilles and Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff could have done pretty much anything he wanted musically. He decided to time travel back to the ’80s and write songs for John Hughes-directed high school movies that never happened. That’s the short […]

There’s always been something a little nostalgic about the earnest, rust belt rock of the Gaslight Anthem, and it wouldn’t be unfair to say that the band has been looking to the past with a laser focus on the rugged songwriting of New Jersey’s favorite son, Bruce Springsteen. On Get Hurt, the fifth studio album […]

The quest for authenticity in a music scene can quickly become a bane as well-intentioned young musicians often let their love for a certain artist or period turn into thinly veiled academic mimicry. We see it time and time again in what has become known as indie folk and the results are often acceptable, even […]


Memorable plots, even rational ones, have never been a significance of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They’re typically hung on some nonsensical idea, a throwaway MacGuffin outfitted up in a solemn-sounding name – the Aether! the Tesseract! – and this latest Marvel movie is no different. It’s plainly about chasing a ball around the galaxy. (Sorry […]

If new wave was about reconfiguring and recontextualizing simple pop/rock forms of the ’50s and ’60s in new, ironic, and aggressive ways, then Blondie, which took the girl group style of the early and mid-’60s and added a ’70s archness, fit right in. True punksters may have deplored the group early on (they never had […]


Director: – Brett Ratner. This movie shows a new angle on the legend of Hercules as in this version it portrays him (Dwayne Johnson) as neither a mortal nor a god. Herclues does however have a new challenge offered to him (& his faithful bands of loyal colleagues, whom follow him on his missions in there […]

John Hiatt has always had one foot in the blues, and he’s decided to wade waist deep into the music on 2014’s Terms of my Surrender. There isn’t a lot of 12-bar on this album if you’re a purist about such things, but the tone of this music is smoky and rich like a Deep […]

For most fans, 2011’s Aphotic was a watermark exercise. It shifted the band’s signature meld of doom and death metal off center, incorporating some prog and even gothic elements. Though it was widely acclaimed, some longtime listeners felt it moved too far from the more extreme elements in Novembers Doom’s accumulated musical persona. Bled White, […]


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