Seeing as how his come-up number was a trip-hop cover of “No Diggity” and his name is a Kurt Vile-like play on jazz great Chet Baker, Australian electronica producer Nick Murphy aka Chet Faker arrives with two overly clever strikes against him, at least on the surface. Tricky thing is, those who dig into that […]

I Am the Last of All the Field That Fell: A Channel is perhaps the most uncategorizable album in Current 93′s catalog, and that’s saying something. Though it employs a vast array of musics as it has on previous albums, it also strategically integrates them in new ways and dynamically adds elements of improvisational jazz […]

Luther Vandross aside, soul music was at something of a crossroads by the mid-80s. Aretha Franklin had been struggling since the advent of disco; Whitney Houston had set about her all-conquering pop dance career; and the machine-driven productions of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were becoming formulaic. However, Rapture, made by 29-year-old former Chapter 8 […]

The self-titled debut by Ibibo Sound Machine is quite literally unlike any other African-electronic music fusion project. The group is fronted by Eno Williams, a London-born singer of southeastern Nigerian (Ibibo) descent. DJs and producers Max Grunhard, Leon Brichard, and Benji Bouton heard Williams and built a band around her. They created a slew of […]

What this is, is a violent – with many jaw dropping moments – movie; what this isn’t is a movie to see on a first date – as the couple who was sitting on my right discovered. That couple ended up leaving halfway through after the female stated “this violence is making me feel sick” […]

Aptly named, New York City hip-hop crew Ratking have that subterranean royalty thing on lock, coming off as a Wu-Tang-ish package of power and empire-demolishing purpose on So It Goes, a murky slab of revolution music that overcomes its accessibility issues with pure excitement. Speaking of accessibility issues, the first track’s title is a symbol, […]

The fourth long-player from England’s Savage Messiah, The Fateful Dark forgoes any and all attempts at subtlety by infusing its very Seventh Son of a Seventh Son-era Iron Maiden-inspired inaugural moments with a wailing air raid siren. It’s an effective move, and also a bit of a red herring, as the remaining five minutes of […]

This is an excellent country record, which includes the two songs that put Jerry back into the charts (the Country charts, that is) and nine others that are great and wonderful Honky Tonk barroom music. Jerry Lee’s vocals here are just right for this kind of thing, full of sorrow and loneliness. Most of the […]

Eddie Noack had a rough ’50s, working hard and never scoring a hit, but that’s nothing compared to his ’60s. After he was dropped by Mercury, the singer wound up drifting to Allstar, a fly-by-night Nashville indie that specialized in “song poems” — suckers would send in lyrics and pro musicians would set them to […]

First things first, Darren Aronofsky’s story of Noah and his ark is far-removed from the source material and Cecil B. DeMille extravaganzas. Instead, this film chooses the sort of human-scaled practicality that aims to allow us to smell the dank disgusting odour of a wildlife park for 40 days and nights on a water-swept vessel […]

Post-punk quartet Protomartyr’s second album Under Color of Official Right follows their stellar 2012 debut No Passion, All Technique with an expanded sense of exploration as well as more nuanced production. The band was spawned from the same closely knit scene of Detroit noise punk bands that produced Roach Clip, the Intended, and Tyvek (Tyvek […]

When Philadelphia-based purveyors of stripped-down, haunted rock perfection the War on Drugs came on the scene with their 2008 debut, Wagonwheel Blues, their sound perked up the ears of a new generation of soul searchers looking for a soundtrack. Summoning up the patron saints of FM radio rock, the band was constantly framed as an […]

Walking into The Double I was already intrigued – Richard Ayoade directing an adaptation of a Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel, starring Jesse Eisenberg in two roles, co-written by Harmony Korine’s brother – I wasn’t disappointed, this is a hilarious, Kafkaesque horror with heavy nods to Polanski, Lynch and Gilliam. Eisenberg’s main role is as Simon James, […]


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