In a cinematic era of zombies, masked killers and invisible spirits, it’s quite a thing to come up with an original villain/creature. Yet director David Robert Mitchell has done it, and done so in an metaphorical way that you won’t soon forget. The thing that pursues victims in It Follows is a shape-shifter, which looks like […]

Before the release of Smoke + Mirrors,Imagine Dragons promoted their two singles. First of which is I Bet My Life, a song that feels formulaic and packaged neatly, ready for commercials and movie trailers to snatch it up. Its percussion and gentle “oohs” make the song uncomfortably similar to Vance Joy’s Riptide, and its lyrics […]


The duo of Faris Badwan (The Horrors) and Canadian multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira come together under the Cat’s Eye’s banner to soundtrack Peter Berberian Sound Studio Strickland’s film drama, an erotic tale of lesbian sub-dom that has caused some controversy in early previews. Their weapons of choice are largely Baroque in nature – intertwining flutes, harpsichords, strings […]

How Leonard Nimoy grew to love Spock as much as we did | Culture | The Guardian

Leonard Simon Nimoy was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Max, a barber, and Dora, and showed an interest in acting from a young age (though his father tried to persuade him to take up the accordion instead). He studied drama at Boston College and began to get small parts in theatre, film and television. At […]

An experimental concept album of this magnitude coming from an artist such as Richard, one who many will want to tidily pigeon-hole all too easily, may have trouble in finding an audience appropriately big enough to contain and appreciate its considerable aims. With Blackheart, Dawn Richard has one musical foot in the past and one very […]

Marika Hackman has not been an unfamiliar name to music lovers globally with three highly praised EPs in the past couple of years. Now, Hackman has finally released her debut album which she labels as being “playful in its darkness”. Bravely her debut album has no previous EP tracks – a move that shows self-confidence […]


Jason Latour (writer) keeps Spider-Gwen #1 focused on one thing only: building Gwen’s place in this new world and while you do not really need to have read Edge of Spider-Verse #2, it certainly helps your enjoyment. This is actually the sole criticism I can find with the issue. A few mentions are made to Peter, but his […]

Upstate New York trio Quarterbacks breathe punk energy into singer/songwriter/guitarist Dean Engle’s short, lovestruck songs, their self-titled debut spilling out all sorts of sweet, romance-obsessed feelings on 19 songs that rush by in a staggeringly quick 22-minute running time. Even with all the album’s punk trappings — sloppy, loud guitar chords, breakneck tempos, songs peeling […]

The Go-Betweens - G Stands For Go-Betweens: Volume 1 ♫ | Australia’s Premier Music News & Reviews Website

This is a gargantuan and exhaustive collection of both music and memories, ranging from the Brisbane band’s humble beginnings in 1978 through to the release of their third long-player in 1984 and as such covering roughly the first third of the band’s venerated career. The boxset contains their four vinyl albums – The First Five Singles, Send Me […]

Modern Nature is almost an album of two halves. The first three songs, also being the first three singles from the album, are cleverly composed and can be exposed as the basic building blocks from which the rest of the album is built. There’s the slow driving whirr of the Hammond in “Talking In Tones”, […]

There is certainly no sophomore stumble here from Champs and the fact that they are able to put out twelve songs of this quality just about a year after their début says a lot for their creative talent and also their work ethic. There is a clear progression from their début, partly down to them decamping […]

Red Red Meat There's a Star above the Manger Tonight... - Chicago Tribune

Over the course of their first three albums,Red Red Meat reworked classic rock and folk-rock, creating a shambling, charming indie variation of roots-rock. Though that remained the foundation of their sound, the group opened their music up by incorporating samplers, synthesizers and sequencers, bringing their country-rock into dub and trip-hop territory on 1997’s There’s a Star Above […]

Back with their first full-length of new compositions since 2010’s New Slaves (The Social Registry), Brooklyn, New York’s Zs, currently a trio consisting of saxophonist Sam Hillmer (Diamond Terrifier), guitarist Patrick Higgins and drummer Greg Fox (Guardian Alien, Liturgy), continue pushing the avant-garde well beyond its fluid boundaries. Xe picks up on the forward experimentalism […]


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