Time travel, paradoxes, repeating the same mistakes over and over, and forbidden love are just a few things that this high concept science fiction series is about. It’s a dynamically graphic, science-fictiony, poetical, paradoxical wunderkind of a sexy, time-traveling, adventure-packed comic series and it begins this week! Originally a crowd funded French project, The Infinite Loop […]

Married after his group’s previous album, Gossamer, having split from prior bandmates, and appearing in a PSA about the importance of his having sought professional help for his bipolar disorder, frontman Michael Angelakos presents a gratitude-imbued, relatively ballad-heavy, but still sparkling third Passion Pit LP in Kindred. In no great shift from the distinctive sound […]

With his first three EPs, Dinner’s Anders Rhedin has already created a distinctive style, turning what others might see as limitations into bold artistic choices. He transforms cheap, raw sounds – trashy, twangy guitars and tinny keyboards and beats – into flamboyant pop that sounds more appealing and evocative because of its lo-fi surroundings. Songs […]

Multi-instrumentalist John Andrews is the only member of John Andrews & the Yawns, a solo project posing as a band and offering up a scattering of warm and familiar, dreamy indie pop on strong yet homey début Bit by the Fang. Modeled after classic rock heroes both obscure and well-loved, Andrews’ tunes stroll along jauntily […]

After releasing a debut album that had all the energy of a band trying to fight its way out of a cage full of hungry tigers, San Francisco’s POW! turns in a second album that lacks that kind of desperation and fever, but makes up for it by being weird in all the right ways. […]

The Afghan Whigs’ sound was growing larger by the release during the days on Sub Pop, so the fact that Gentlemen turned out the way it did wasn’t all that surprising as a result (“cinematic” was certainly the word the band was aiming for, what with credits describing the recording process as being “shot on […]

Stealing Sheep consists of three young women from Liverpool so it might be a bit of lazy comparison to say that they sound like an experimental reboot of Atomic Kitten. But listen to “Sunk”: it opens with sparse percussion and guitar and feature with a psychedelic synth solo, but between these two parts is something […]

The problem with Bonxie as a collection is rooted with their exploring with different styles, with some efforts much more successful than others. This is probably the consequence of the band’s decision to use an outside producer on a studio album for the first time. Gil Norton, mostly famous for working with much harder rock bands […]

TV Review: Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1: The Show Without Fear

First off, let me say that I have been thoroughly impressed with every Netflix Original Series I have seen so far and I had high hopes for Marvel’s Daredevil when I first heard it was in production. As the first of four all-new live-action Marvel franchises, the spotlight was trained on this one when it […]

Millar and Murphy launched Chrononauts to rave reviews last month, and to be completely honest, the second issue is even better than the first. Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly have become the world’s first time travelers – but not all goes according to plan when the two go rogue in their own era-hopping adventure! With […]

Wire is a great work for this band that operates in the shadows and with its intellectual capabilities perfectly understands how to operate in the digital fan led times that provides space for these sonic adventures. There are some bands that seem to have been part of your life forever. Unflinching, unblinking they remain out […]

Album Review: Nadine Shah – Fast Food | Redbrick | University of Birmingham

British singer-songwriter and musician Nadine Shah is back with her dark pop-noir voice on the new album, Fast Food, out the 6th of April. With her sound being constantly compared to the likes of Anna Calvi and Nick Cave, the soulful songstress, proves to be able to stand alone with her distinctive sound. Born to […]

James Petralli is best known as the frontman for Austin, TX garage rockers White Denim.  Now he’s taken up the moniker Bop English for the release of his solo album, Constant Bop. Elements of his group work definitely creep into the solo record (it helps that members of the band pitched in).  A garage rock […]


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