Review: Earl Sweatshirt’s Latest Album Goes to Dark Places -

When the spotlight landed on Earl Sweatshirt a couple of years ago, it seared him. A member of the Odd Future band of scallywags and skate rats, he’d been shipped off by his mother just before the mania surrounding the crew peaked. He returned a star, but a newbie on the inside. That’s made for […]

Time travel is all the rage these days, and it appears we have another winning concept on our hands. Matt Kindt, who seems to be finally realising his 2005 Will Eisner Comic Industry Award Nomination for the talent Deserving of Wider Recognition lately, is joined by the great Scott Kolins (Action Comics (2011)) for a high concept sci-fi […]

Like many of the musicians she grew up listening to – Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell – Laura Marling sheds her musical skin with each album she produces, emerging with a rejuvenated sense of purpose and a new direction. And this, at the age of 25, is her fifth – a fact sure to make anyone […]

On her eighth studio album, Allison Moorer reunites with producer Kenny Greenberg. He helmed her first two MCA albums, 1998’s Alabama Song and 2000’s The Hardest Part. They spent two years recording Down to Believing at various Nashville studios. Life-changing circumstances – living in New York, being the mother of a young son with autism, […]

album review // Courtney Barnett ‘Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit’ |

Opening with the blues-tinged, but upbeat ‘Elevator Operator’ before transitioning effortlessly into the first single from the record, ‘Pedestrian at Best’, Sometimes I Sit and Think… gets off to a roaring start, with Courtney Barnett’s signature wit and wordplay at the forefront from the moment the needle drops. It’s hard to define Courtney Barnett’s sound to […]

Although it contains undying nods towards the music that inspired post-punk principles, Hinterland is one of the most organic albums of 2015 so far. It’s powered by a love of her geographical roots and is quintessentially Northern. There is one thing that you will be listening to this summer as you begin your own Utopian desires […]

The kids may not know it, but Bobby McFerrin was only considered a serious jazz man before his megahit “Don’t Worry Be Happy” became everyone’s mom’s favorite. As Heems rolled up to his debut, the McFerrin-esque pop albatross that hung around this alt-rapper’s neck was his former crew Das Racist, more specifically “Combination Pizza Hut […]

Isn’t Anything was good enough to inspire an entire scene of My Bloody Valentine soundalikes, but Loveless‘ greatness proved that the band was inimitable. After two painstaking years in the studio and nearly bankrupting their label Creation in the process, the group emerged with their masterpiece, which fulfilled all of the promise of their previous […]

When ambient pop duo Inventions came together for the release of their self-titled 2014 début, its strengths were no surprise based on the pedigree of the bandmembers. Mark T. Smith had spent all of his sonic energy up until that point playing in sprawling instrumental rock act Explosions in the Sky and Matthew Cooper had […]

Thirteen studio albums in, Norway’s Enslaved are still pushing at the boundaries of the music that inspired them back in 1991 when guitarist Ivar Bjørnson and vocalist/bassist Grutle Kjellson (13 and 17 years old at the time) first formed the band. With a lineup that has been constant for more than a decade, they have […]

Australian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd usually performs solo, though he has stepped out with other musicians before, most notably on 2010’s Koonyum Sun with the trio Izintaba. On Nanna, Rudd fronts an international, multi-generational nonet of stellar players. Though it was recorded and self-produced in Australia, it was mixed by the legendary Errol Brown […]

Critical Voices: Modest Mouse, Strangers to Ourselves - The Georgetown Voice

Mouse has clearly found a style that suits the band well. Unfortunately, committing to that style for an entire album makes Strangers to Ourselves feel too generic and stale. The album starts strong. It’s opening track “Strangers to Ourselves” has a smooth, Pink Floyd-esque synth style. It’s an introspective start, with lyrics like “How lucky we are, […]

Cinema review: Still Alice | Mancunian Matters

Sad films may be ten-a-penny, but it’s rare to find one that can hit you right in the gut like this without feeling heavy-handed or overly manipulative and Still Alice, the story of how Alzheimer’s disease robs a person of their identity on the most fundamental level, is an incredibly moving film. In this adaptation […]


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